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Details8 Tips For Tumblr Users


May 3, 2015 at 9:44

1. Unlike other social networks, you can create a hashtag in Tumblr only in a special field for hashtags: you cannot create a tag by simply putting # before the word in the text.

2. Hashtags in Tumblr is a search tool that allows users to find your posts across the entire platform.

3. In hashtags on Tumblr you can use the following characters: spaces, apostrophes, commas, periods, and other characters.

4. You can use any number of tags, but it is important to remember that only the first five of them will be taken into account in the search.

5. Only a unique message gets into the search results, so it makes no sense to put hashtags for reposts.

6. Hashtags in Tumblr are a great way to find new subscribers, as any hashtag search will return a list of users who have recently used the same hashtag with a suggestion to subscribe to them.

7. By default, Tumblr search results are ranked by popularity, but you can also switch to sort by date.

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1. Copy the link to the post directly from the tape.

One of Tumblr's developers' unintuitive decisions is the ability to copy a link to a post directly from the feed. Instead of going to a blog where you posted what you want to share, or copy links to each picture in a post, you can move the cursor to the upper right corner of the post. It seems as if the edge of the page is bent - that's where you need to click to get a link to the post.

2. Post to Tumblr on Pinterest.

Pinterest gained fame largely due to the ability to "stammer" the picture that attracted the Internet. This is done using extensions that either add the Pinterest button to all the pictures on the page or collect them in a separate window. But not everyone knows that Tumblr has a very similar function: apparently, because it is more likely to be perceived as a platform for blogs. You can add the Post to Tumblr button to the bookmarks bar - from here. Click on it, and a window will open in which all the pictures from the open page are collected.

3. Use keyboard shortcuts.

Yes, everyone is used to flipping Tumblr tape using scrolling, but professional tumblr girls use hot keys. To scroll down the tape, press J, up - K, L - to like the post, Tab - to enable the search.

4. See what other users like.

One of the nice features of Tumblr is to save all your likes in a separate log, which becomes a real mudboard. Suppose you are conducting an extremely gothic toggle - and a video with twerking dogs would seem out of place there. Finding a log with your own likes is easy, but Tumblr also lets you see what other users like. To do this, enter in the address bar of the browser and write the user’s nickname after the slash. If you do not want someone to see that you allow yourself to like, then you can hide the log from prying eyes in the settings.

5. Play with the URL.

Not all interesting things can be found in the toggle screen or on the toggle page. To make the search for posts more sophisticated, you can use URL templates with different functions. For example:

All posts in the thumblog on one page:

All posts in the tumbler with a specific tag:

All posts in the thumbloglog with a specific tag in chronological order:

All posts in the tumbler for a specific date:

Random post from the tumbler:

6. Edit posts in bulk.

If you suddenly realized that you need to put the #me tag on all the ridiculous pictures in your thumbnail, with the characters of which you feel a spiritual affinity, and you haven’t done this for years of blogging, then you can use the rather inconspicuous Mass Post Editor function. It is hidden in the feed, which displays only your posts (but not in the thumbnail itself). To do this, on the main Dashboard page, you need to click on the minimalistic image of a person in the upper right corner, then select your tumbler, and then find the Mass Post Editor in the right column in the opened page.

7. Set a timer for answers.

One of the most unpleasant things that readers of popular toggle blogs face is an endless stream of replies to messages from fans who make the tape not always an exciting AMA session. If you're a Tumblr star to some extent, you'd better not make fans angry and use the delayed replay feature. To do this, when you reply to a public message, hold down Alt and select the Queue option - this way you can evenly distribute posts.

8. Restore old themes.

Those who independently develop themes for their tumbler, then often regret that in the end they changed the custom version to something else. If your current design suddenly seemed too pretentious or, on the contrary, too “lean”, you can roll back to the previous version and not look for it in the extensive catalog of topics. To do this, use the log, which you can go to this link.