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Source: www.ygogx.ruPosted by: jTiKey Yugio (Yu-Gi-Oh! - in translation from the Japanese. "King of the Games") is one of the most popular card games in the world. To date, the game has more than 6,000 cards, and until 2009, Konami sold more than 25 billion cards. Every 1-2 months, boosters with new cards appear.

If you compare this game with Magic: The Gathering, then it is simpler, faster and has an “anime” design. There is also the anime series Yu-Gi-Oh !, in which the characters play this card game. It is still being produced, having already completed 3 parts of various subjects: from ancient Egypt and the dueling academy to the future with the game of the card game on motorcycles.

There is a free automated online client, and you can freely play at your pleasure, as well as train and test decks online. It has been translated into Russian, the texts of the cards in the translation process, although more than half of the cards have already been translated.

There is a rule book that has been translated into Russian, and there are more nuances in it, since here I will describe only the most necessary things - what you need to know in any game.

Part 1. Basics

At the beginning of the game, both players have 8000 hit points, a deck and their own field. The one who first reduces the enemy’s lives to zero wins the game. The game has 3 types of cards that can help you with this: monsters, magic and traps.

Monsters have attack (ATK) and defense (ZST) and can fight. They may also have special abilities that you can influence the game. This type of card is the most useful.

Magic and traps will be able to change the circumstances of the game with their effects: strengthen your monsters, destroy cards, give you other cards.

Although to win you need to reduce the lives of the enemy, there is such a pattern: the greater the difference in the cards between the players (the sum of cards in the hand and on the field, as well as any cards in other locations that can be used), the higher the chance of winning the player with a larger number kart. Therefore, the first goal you should set yourself is the following: to destroy more enemy cards, during which reduce his life.

Great, consider the course of the game.

Both players put their decks on the table or game mat. In any way, they choose who will go first, after which they draw 5 cards.

The game is turn-based. The player whose first move draws a card. Then he can summon monsters, activate magic, hide traps. He will not be able to attack this turn. When he decides to complete the move, the move goes to his opponent. He also draws a card at the beginning of the turn, and then can do the same as the first player, but he can already attack with his monsters, and so on.

A player whose move (suppose it is you) will have more privileges than his opponent. Each move is divided into phases (parts) in which you can do certain actions:

1. Pull phase: you must draw 1 card

2. Waiting phase: (for now, just skip it)

3. Main phase 1: summon monsters, activate magic, prepare for battle

4. The phase of the battle: fight monsters

5. Main phase 2: summon monsters, activate magic or hide traps, prepare for the enemy’s move

6. End of turn phase: (skip for now)

During your turn, the enemy can only activate traps from his field.

Part 2. Monsters

In duels, players fight with the help of their monsters. In the anime, even the game itself is called Dueling Monsters. Monsters are the heart of the deck. They will help you win the duel, and you must wisely dispose of them.

Learn to read cards.

Ordinary monsters. They have a yellow background.

Each card has its own title. A deck can have a maximum of 3 cards with the same name. Cards that have the same words in the title are considered archetype.

Monsters have attributes. There are only 6 of them: LIGHT, Darkness, WATER, FIRE, WIND and EARTH. Used for all sorts of effects and maps. Same thing with type.

Monsters have levels. In fact, the higher the level, the stronger the monster.

For ordinary monsters, the text contains only a beautiful description that does not affect the game. Attack and protection indicate the power of a monster. Ordinary monsters have no special properties. Usually they should not be put in a deck.

Monsters with effect

Everything is like ordinary monsters, but the background is of a different color, and the text describes the features of the monster (effect). Also near the type is added “/ Effect”.

In Yu-Ki-O there are concepts of “activation of an effect” and its implementation. Activation is preparation for completion. By activating the effect, you give the opponent the right to respond with another card to activation. But if the card is already performing an effect, the adversary can do nothing.

There are 5 types of effects:

1) Hand held. This is an effect that you yourself must use (activate). The text says “Once per turn: (...)” or the action is simply indicated, but the phase is not indicated at all, although sometimes the “main” one can be written there, they can be activated only during your main phases.

2) FLIP. They are activated when the monster has been opened (i.e. it has been turned from a closed position to an open one).

3) Instant. It can be activated at any time of any move or a certain period. Typically, the text says "During the course of any player: (...)" or "During the phase of the battle of the enemy: (...)".

4) Conditional. It is activated under certain conditions specified in the text of the card.

5) Permanent. These effects do not need to be activated. They are active as soon as the monster appears on the field, but also cease to be active when the monster leaves the field (unlike other effects that are not canceled, even if the monster is destroyed in the process of triggering the effect). The text usually says “While this card is open, (...)” or the Prohibition is indicated, a general statement.

To activate the effect, you just have to tell the enemy that you want to do this. The monster must be open to activate the effect.

Summon and combat position

Now we will learn how to summon monsters on the field.

They can usually be summoned or hidden from hand on the field, where they can fight. To callusually - means to put the card from the hand on the field vertically face up. This monster will be considered an open attack. This is his fighting position. Hide monster - means to put him from his hand on the field vertically face down or in a closed defense. More precisely, you usually call in an open attack, and hide in a closed defense. It is usually forbidden to call / hide in open defense.

You can usually summon OR hide only once per turn during the main phases. If you called the monster usually during the main phase 1, you can no longer usually call and hide during the main phase 2. If you did not usually call and did not hide in the main phase 1, then you can usually call or hide the monster during the main phase 2.

As you might have guessed, monsters have 2 combat positions - attack and protection. They are very important for battle. You can change the fighting position of your monsters once a turn, if they were not called / hidden in the same turn or did not declare an attack. You can transfer a monster from an open attack to an open defense, from an open defense to an open attack or from a closed attack to an open (this change of position is called flip call).

Battle phase and battle

During the combat phase, the player whose turn has the right to attack with his monsters. He can only attack monsters in an open attack, each 1 time per turn. You can attack either the adversary directly, lowering his life points, or the adversary's monsters. If there is at least 1 monster on the opponent’s field, you must attack him before attacking the enemy.

How is the battle going? First you choose which of your monster in attack you want to attack, and then declare the attack, choosing a target, after which the battle takes place. Here are the results of the fights that are possible in the game:

Monster attacks the monster in attack

For example, a monster from 1900 ATK and a monster from 1800 ATK are fighting. Then a monster with a low ATK is destroyed in battle and sent to the cemetery, and its owner takes damage 100 = (1900 - 1800), for example, he had 8000, 100 are taken, and 7900 remains.

B) ATK are the same:

Two monsters with 1800 ATK are fighting. Then both monsters are destroyed in battle and sent to the cemetery. Players do not receive damage.

If both monsters have 0 ATK, then the monsters will not be destroyed in battle.

Monster attacks the monster in defense

A monster with 1800 ATK attacks a monster in defense with 1500 ZP. The monster in defense is destroyed in battle. No one takes damage.

B) Zashcht higher or equal to ATK:

A monster from 1800 ATK attacks a monster in defense from 1900 ZST. The owner of the attacking monster takes damage in the amount of 100 = (1900 - 1800). Monsters are not destroyed in battle. If a monster since 1900 ATK has been fighting a monster since 1900 ZST, then no one will receive damage, and monsters will not be destroyed in battle.

When a monster attacks a closed monster in defense, then before calculating the damage, the closed monster turns into an open defense (opens).

Appearance Edit Edit

Yuga's design includes several layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions. Pictured here is the symbol in the regalia of the complete Domino training boy from the front, side and back, and next to the head view from different angles. The character design of Yuji was carried out by Kazuki Takahashi. His normal outfit consists of a standard male Domino Junior / senior uniform hollow-out closed-buckle collar. His extremely extravagant hair has several layers, including long blond curves, pointed locks for his fringe, the rest has a set of five large spikes and two small spikes of black color with a purple hue around the edges. Until now, he is the only character in the series to have his hair divided into three colors. He wears a millennium puzzle on a lace around his neck. In the manga, the second anime, lace is later replaced with a chain. In the manga (post volume 7), and in the second anime series, he often wears the KaibaCorp Duel disc on his left hand.

When he plays Dungeon Dice Monsters against the Duke of Devlin, he wears a black long-sleeved shirt, gray sleeves-less vest, dark blue trousers and black shoes.

When he and Thea took a day together to learn about the Millennium Puzzle, he wore a black linen shirt and several pieces of a wrist chain, along with a pair of leather pants.

AT Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx , Yugi is shown much higher, since he is taller than Jaden who is higher than Yuji himself. AT Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx The real face of Yuji's day is not directly shown. However, his voice became similar to Atem, as he is now older. It is possible that he now looks like Atem.

AT Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters Yugi wears different clothes from a jacket and purple jeans. He also wears a Shooter capsule on his left hand. In episode 4, he gets dueling armor, which allows him to become one with one of his monster capsules.

Voice Edit

The voices are slightly different in different episodes and English dubbing, although Atem’s voice is stronger and more confident than Yuga’s.

In the first episode of the anime, Yugi’s voice is very timid, rarely showing any strength and almost always polite in his speech, using “Boku” as his personal pronoun. Yuga's dark voice is much rougher, uses "Watashino" as his personal pronoun and rarely shows courtesy to others. He also has the phrase "Saa geimu no Jikan yes!" Which means "Well, this is a game!" or "Well, it's time to play!".

In the Japanese version of the second coming, Yugi has significantly more trust than in previous versions, but is still very timid and respectful to others. It became more difficult to distinguish between his voice and Atem, but the tone of Yami Yuga is much more severe and has the same patterns of speech as in his previous form. This series is also created by calling Dark Yugi Yugi. MU Hitori not Boku (others of me) and Dark Yugi referring to Yugi asaibou (partner).

In the English version of the second anime, Yuji’s voice is of high key, and sometimes more intense emotional moments, and generally has a friendly tone towards everyone. The voice of Yami Yugi, in comparison, is tough, and commander. Yuji's last name is pronounced "Mohtoh" in this version, although it is still spelled "Muto." In Singapore's second Dub anime series, Yugi and Yami Yugi sound from the side of Chuck Power. In this dub, Yuji's voice is soft and a little high, while Yami Yuji's voice is next to the exact opposite. In Singaporean dubs, both Yugi and Yami Yugi speak with a little stretching of the word. In the first season, Yugi calls Yami Yugi "Spirit", and then in other seasons Yugi began to call him "Pharaoh." Sometimes he also calls him Yami. Yami Yugi Yugi always called his name.

First Anime Biography Edit Edit

Yugi was very shy, a boy who would always stay in the classroom during the game's lunch time. Once his grandfather gave Yugi mystical puzzles of the millennium. He said that whoever solves the riddle will be granted a wish. He tried to solve the puzzle for 8 years, but ended up on the day when he was on the track to solve the puzzle. It was almost like a puzzle built for myself.

History Edit

Yugi lives in his family's game store, along with his mother and grandfather. That grandfather taught him the game Duel Monsters . At school, Yugi was often bullied by Jonochi and Honda. Jonochi even got to the point that he took away the part of the Millennial Puzzle and threw it into the channel. However, Yugi stood by Joe and Tristan when Ushio attacked them, claiming they were his friends, while Ushio claimed that he defended Yugi in order to make money. Joy and Tristan came to be friends with Yuji after the incident and Joe returned a piece of the puzzle.

After solving the puzzle of the millennium, Yugi unknowingly became the host of Yami Yugi, the spirit of the pharaoh Atem. He talked about his body with Yami, who takes control from time to time, usually to help Yugi and his friends.

Yugi and Joe once visited Burgerpalooza, only to find Thea working there. She was afraid that if they said that she would get expelled like this against school rules in order to have a part-time job. (In the English version, she was worried about dismissal, as they might have shown that she was under 18, the required age, to work there.) She sprinkled their hamburgers in ketchup, warning them not to say so. They told her that they did not even know that she worked there, and they would not say a word.

The Yugi later found tea in the warehouse, being filmed by a weirdo who threatened to reveal she worked at Burgerpalooza. (In the English version, he was a burglar who cheated on her by writing a note pretending to be Yugi and Joe gave her a dance studio.) Yugi decided by a man, but were thrown against the wall. Tea was also passed out after trying to attack him. Yugi is then transformed into Yami Yugi, who defeated a man in a draw card game and Mind Crushed it. The Yugi became convinced that he saved Thea himself, although he did not remember how he did it.

Kingdom Duelists Edit Edit

Yugi turns into Yami Yugi. Yugi defeated Joey in Duel Monsters at school and decided to invite Joe, tea and Tristan to see his grandfather rare cards, "Blue-eyed White Dragon", after school. Seto Kaiba, who overheard grandfather's abduction and forced him to a duel for his “Blue-Eyes,” since he refused an exchange or sale. Yugi and his friends who found themselves after Solomon had already been defeated, and witnessed Kaiba tearing up the “Blue-eyed White Dragon” in front of them. Outraged by Yugi, Kaiba challenged the duel, and Solomon gave his deck to Yugi. Yugi duel Kaiba as Yami Yugi and discovered Kaiba had the other three “Blue-Eyed White Dragons” in his deck, but defeated him using “Exodia Forbidden”, taking the name Kaiba as Duel Monsters world champion.

Since Joe was having trouble winning in Monster Duel , Yugi asked his grandfather to help train Joey.

Maximillion Pegasus heard about the victory over Yuji Kaiba and sent him a videotape invited him to participate in his dueling Kingdom tournament. Pegasus appeared on TV and Yugi's duel on the spot, while freezing everyone else in the room. Pegasus placed time limits on a duel and won because time was running out seconds before Yugi could claim victory. As punishment for defeating Yuji, Pegasus stole his grandfather's soul.

Yugi entered the tournament to save grandfather. At the pier, before boarding the ship for the tournament, he gave Joy one of his two Star chips, allowing Joey to participate and help him. Yugi saving Joey from drowning. On the ship, Yugi met the weevil Underwood, who acted friendly to him and told Yugi that he knew about secret new rules to be introduced in the tournament. Shortly after the weevil left, Yugi gave Joy a “Time for the Wizard” card, telling him how this could be useful in a bottleneck. Yugi met the weevil later and showed him his "Exodia" cards, which the weevil threw overboard to interfere with Yuji's deck. Joe jumped into the water to recover them, but after receiving two of them, the current and Yugi pigeon were shot down to save him. Both of them were then saved by stowaways, tea, and Tristan, who threw them a rope ladder.

After the tournament began, Yugi tracked down the weevil to take revenge, but the weevil fled, bringing him into the forest. Yugi suspected that this was due to the new weevil rules mentioned. Weevil led them to the meadow, where he accepted the challenge of Yugi, as his monsters received power field bonuses there. Yugi switched to Yami Yugi, who placed both his deck and star Chip, which brought him a weevil in two star chips after he won.

Yugi cheering for Joy in a duel against Mai. Как Ями Юги, он предложил Джои абстрактные подсказки, чтобы помочь ему выиграть. Джо победил Mai помощью "Время Wizard" карту, Юги дал ему. Mako цунами бросает гарпун в Юги.В то время как в поисках пищи, Юги и его друзья, нашел рыбы Цунами Mako подготовил. Без их ведома, Мако было установить его в качестве приманки, чтобы заманить противников, туда, где его монстров извлечь большую пользу из этой области. Mako потом оказалось, разозлило над ними украл его пищу. После Юги представился, Мако был рад встретиться дуэлянтов, которые победили Kaiba и поделились с ними едой. Юги встал, чтобы уйти, но Мако остановил его, бросив гарпун перед ним и потребовал дуэли. Юги переключился на Yami Мако и победил, выиграв еще два чипа Star.

Yugi and his friends saw the participant, were forced to leave the island as he was outside the Star of Chips. The boy claimed that they were stolen, along with his deck. He described the thief and where he met him. Yugi promised to arrange his Star chips back before the boat left the island. Returning to the crime scene, they met a thief who was disguised as Mokuba Kaiba. He was dueling Yugi with five Chips Star on the line, and Yami Yugi soon realized that he was Mokuba. Mokuba explained how Yugi humiliated his brother, forcing him to leave, giving Pegasus the opportunity to take KaibaCorp. Mokuba sought revenge on Yugi for this. Unable to win the duel, he tried to grab the Chips Yuji star, but Yami was discouraged by Mokuba and promised to help him and the set.

The group made their way back to the bay, but the boat had already left. Mokuba showed Kemo that Yugi had played Star Chips, but Kemo hit them in the water, including some of Yuji. Kemo grabbed Mokuba to take him back to Pegasus, but Yugi Kemo challenged the duel for Mokuba's freedom. Since Kemo is not a duelist, he told Yugi to return in an hour (4 hours in the English version), and he will have an opponent arranged for him.

Yugi returned to that place and encountered Kaiba Spirit, who impersonated Kaiba's actual Seto and used his deck. With the help of real Kaiba, which is weakened by the Kaiba Spirit in the “Blue-eyed White Dragons”, with the help of the virus, Yami Yugi defeated. The yugi are retrieved by the Kaiba deck, but Kemo has already disappeared from Mokuba. [13 ]

Yugi was not allowed to help Joe fight Rex Raptor. As the duel began, Yugi set off in search of Tristan, who left in anger with Joey to accept these conditions. Tristan reminded Yugi that he still had to be in a duel to offer Joey his friendship, so the two of them returned to watch.

That night, Mai shared her food with Yugi and his friends, although she promised that they would be enemies again tomorrow.

Re Bakur appeared in their camp, shortly after Mai was left for a walk. While the group was talking about the cards they own that they identify with, Yugi urged tea to choose one for himself. Yugi chose the Dark Mage, like him. After everyone exchanged which cards they recognize with, Bakura suggested that they play a friendly Duel, where Yugi includes cards Joey, Tristan and tea to choose, “Flame Swordsman”, “Cyber ​​Commander” and “Mage of Faith” in his deck and he can show them how his card, "Change of Heart" works. Bakur changed to Yami Bakur, who souls trapped the group in the cards they selected. He set about accepting the Yuji Millennium Puzzle, but Yami Yugi appeared. Yami Yami Bakur encounter, in the shadow of the game, bring his friends back, but his bid is Millennium Puzzle. Yugi as the "Dark Magician", shortly before, reveals what he knows about Yami to his friends. Friends of Yuji appeared instead of the monsters they selected as Yami Yugi summoned them. When the "Dark Mage" was called by Yugi, the two Yugis met. In the Japanese version, Yugi knew about the existence of Yami and the two of them agreed, now is not the time to keep a secret. In the English version, Yugi did not know about the existence in Yami until this time, although he said that he often heard a powerful voice coming from the millennium puzzle. Yugi told his friends of Yami's existence that He is the spirit of the puzzle of the millennium and apologized for not telling them before. In the English version, Yugi admitted that he felt the presence of Yami while he was dueling and felt that they could trust him. Yami managed to win the duel with the help of Re betrayal by Yami Bakur, returning everything to normal, although tea, Tristan and Joy believes the Duel was a dream. Yugi does not need time to explain how they heard Mai scream at this point.

The group found Eliminator, Panik, who had just beat Mai and accepted all eight of his Star chips. Yugi accuses Panik of being a coward and duel him like Yami Yugi, playing back the Star Mai chips. He offered them Mai, who reluctantly took them, noting that she owed him one. [eighteen ]

On the evening of the same day, Kaiba arrived on the island and returned Yugi to his deck.

The next day, Mai left a letter explaining what she left and owed Yugi to recoup her Star chips. Joey later fought off his friends who were looking for a cave after finding his wallet on the street. After running out of many traps, they found Joy in a duel with Bonz. Joe won, but Kitty's gangster gang trapped Yugi and his friends in a cave, by sealing the entrance with a boulder.

Using Bakur in the millennium ring as a guide, friends found the Paradox Brothers guard exit. Yugi and Joe face them in a duel tag to get a pass. After the victory of Yugi and Joe, everyone had enough Star Chips to enter the finals and Yami Yugi passed the puzzle brothers test to get out.

On the stairs to Pegasus’s castle, tea is ready to strike by various personalities of Yuji and asks if there can be two Yugis. Yugi confessed to feeling as if there was someone else living inside him, but hoped that he did not go crazy.

At the top of the stairs, Kaiba blocked the path and Yugi spoke in a duel. Yami took control and Kaiba's face using her duel drive technology. As Yami is about to win, Kaiba stood on the edge of the castle, so the shockwave from Yuji's attack could cause him to fall on his death. (In the English anime, Yugi spoke with Yami, telling him not to.) Yami is supposed to, but eventually decided to attack. Tea ran to Yugi insisting that it was not like him, and called for the usual Yugi to go out. The yugis took control of time to cancel the move. He fell to his knees, shocked that he was almost ready. Kaiba took his turn and won the duel, claiming five of Chips Yuji Star. Yugi doubts himself and begins to fear the other Yugi, after losing to Kaiba. Now fully aware of the existence of another Yugi, Yugi admitted that these were his friends, telling them that he was afraid of him and therefore afraid of a duel. Kaiba is called Yugi weak, but tea protested, claiming that Yugi saved him and Kaiba is a real loser. After Kaiba left, Yugi continued to mope. Joey suggested that Yugi take his star chips so that he could enter the finals, but Yugi ignored him. Frustrated, Joey grabbed Yugi by the shirt, asking him if he cares about his grandfather.

Mai appeared and was informed about what had just happened. She offered Yugi her excessive Chips Star, according to her promise from earlier ones, but Yugi did not even recognize Mai's appearance. Annoyed Mai told him to grow up and hang on the Star Chips. She accused him of being afraid of the duel again and challenged him. Tea instead took the Duel, wager the chips of Yuji Star.

Yugi began to slowly get rid of his depression when he watched Thea duel. After Mai surrendered, Yugi walked up to her about a face down card she did not use. Mai denied that she lost for him. (In the English version, she said that some cards are simply not worth playing.)

Inside the castle, the group was invited to watch the Pegasus Kaiba duel. Seeing how Kaiba was dueling to save Mokuba, Yugi chose Kaiba support. Kaiba was trapped in the Pegasus "Soul Prison" card, after his defeat. Yugi then shouted down for Pegasus asking who he was to mess with people and their families like that.

The finalists, along with tea, Tristan and Bakura were treated with food, which in the evening, where the finalists received Doubles measures. After eating, Yugi gave Joey his “Glory to the king’s hand”, as it is mandatory for each finalist to possess either he or “Glory to the king’s opposite hand”.

That night, Yugi woke up his grandfather's voice, calling him. He followed her and found a “Soul Prison” card, with a soul inside his grandfather. Solomon warned him about Pegasus and was accompanied by cards containing Seto and the soul of Mokuba Kaiba's author. Yugi woke up later, wondering if it was a dream.

Yugi Mai faced in the first fight to the finals. Yami Yugi gives little effort to the duel, as he worries about those facing Pegasus. (In the English version, Yugi refused to let Yami duel, fearing how he might harm their opponent.) This led to Yugi playing poorly. encouraging words from Mai Yugis returned to the top of his game and allowed them to turn the duel around and come out with victory.

Yugi cheering for Joy in a duel against Bandit Keith.

The Yugis face Joey in the final round. Joe used everything he learned from Yugi, but still a defeat from Yami Yuga. After that, Joe offered to give “Glory to the king’s hand” back to Yugi, so that he could claim a prize pool. However, the Yugi declined, as he entered the tournament with the goal of preserving his grandfather and now the Kaiba brothers. The money was not important to him, but Joey needed him for his sister's operation, eating eyes. Yugi meets with Yami during a duel to propose plans to defeat Pegasus. Yugi went into a duel of Pegasus. At the beginning of the duel, Yugi asked Kaiba's soul brothers to be released, as well as his grandfather, if he wins. Pegasus accepted, but noted that he plans on taking Yuji's soul if he wins. Pegasus used his millennium of eyes to read Yami Yuji’s thoughts during the duel, but Yugi had an idea of ​​countering Pegasus’s powers on a risky strategy of having him and Yami switching minds each time they played the card face down, thus preventing Pegasus from reading their strategy while working at risk that one of them will try something that will impede other plans. After Yugis destroyed the Pegasus "Toon of the World" card, Pegasus transported them all to the Kingdom of Shadows. In the shadow of Realm, Yugi lost their life energy, making Shuffle's mind strategy, lacking spiritual strength to play at this level, and Pegasus continued to successfully read Yami's thoughts until Joy, tea, Tristan and blocked his millennia's eyes. Yami defeats Pegasus, returning both of them back from the shadow of Realm.

Pegasus disappeared after a duel with Yugi. Determined to ensure that captive souls return, Yugi and his friends searched for Pegasus. They found the number of Pegasus men "carried him away after being attacked by Yami Bakur. Crockett explained that he was attacked. (In the English version, he said that Pegasus fell ill.) Yugi and company went to the Pegasus tower" where they found a diary in the name of the new King of the Duelists who defeats him, explaining why he created Monster Duel . Yugi is then exposed to three “Soul Prison” cards that are currently empty, that is, souls are no longer imprisoned. Yugi saves Shadi. When he left the tower, Yugi crashed into Shadi, who used his millennium key to enter Yuji's mind. To Shadi's surprise, he found two souls of number: one for Yugi and one for Yami. Shadi ended up in the Shadow Game with Yami, but was saved by Yugi. Yugi Shadi said that he does not believe in his second, I intend to harm him and asked to release Yami Shadi from the game.

The door opened, leading them into the room, stone-lined tabletsMonster Duel . Yugi learned from Shadi that thousands of years ago, Egyptian kings played Shadow games with real monsters and magic. After the games, there was a war that threatens to destroy the world, one brave pharaoh sealed magic away. The duo faced the Dark Magician. Shadi readiness for suppression, causing the Blue-eyed White Dragon. However, Yugi insisted that the Dark Mage would never harm him and asked the mage to let them past. To Shada's amazement, the magician obeyed. Seeing Yuji's control of the Dark Mage, Shadi believed he could be the Chosen One.

Shadi yourself and returned to Yugi's soul outside Yuji. Before disappearing, he told Yugi his name and claimed that he had not been told that it was to anyone before.

After the group found Mokuba returned to normal, croquet gave Yugi other prizes on behalf of Pegasus, who was taken to the hospital. Yugi received a "bond of friendship" card, was crowned king of the games, and also received a $ 3,000,000 check, which he gave Eye Surgery for Joey Tranquility.

Kaiba thanked Yugi for saving Mokuba and insisted that they have a fair Duel someday to determine who the best duelist is. Yami Yugi congratulated Yugi on saving everyone. (In the English version, Yugi noted that he did not even know the name of the author Yami. Yami replied that he was called by many things such as Pharaoh, Yu-Gi-Oh and Yami. Yugi refered to him like Yami and said that he is pleased to call him his friend, while Yami was proud to be alone.) Yugi gives Rebecca a “bond of friendship.” Yugi and his friends got the elevator back to the city of Domino from Kaiba.

As Yugi brought his grandfather home from the hospital, the group ran into Rebekah Hawkins. She blamed Solomon for stealing her grandfather "S" Blue-Eyed White Dragon and challenged him to a duel. In Kaiba Land, Yugi faced Rebecca in a duel, just like his grandfather was unsuitable for play. The duel turned out to be an exact repetition favorite drink out of water. Like the way Solomon surrendered while Arthur needed more water, Yugi surrendered to teach Rebecca about the Heart of the card. It was then that Arthur arrived, showed that Yugi could win, and explained why he gave up. After Rebecca apologized Yugi gave her a card, "bonds of friendship." ==== Legendary r swarms Edit ==== Yuji enters the virtual world. Mokuba arrived at Kama games and realized by Yugi and his friends that Kaiba's mind was trapped in the virtual world by the Big Five, while testing the reality of the virtual machine that he created by consent to help, Yugi, Joey, tea, Tristan and Mokuba made his way to the laboratory at Kaiba adventure game. Yugi, Joey and Mokuba got into the pods to transport their minds to the virtual world, while tea and Tristan were guarded.

Yugi, Joey and Mokuba appeared in the cemetery, where they encountered "Armored Zombies", "Clown Zombie" and "Dragon Zombies." Monsters were called to fight them, but the zombies held rebirths stronger than before. However, Joe continued to attack them until Yugi reminded him of a duel with Bonz. So Joey played Shield and Sword, dropping the DEF at 0 and Yugi finished off the zombies with The Dark Mage. After beating the zombies, each of them was given a display map of how much currency they have.

The trio noticed the fairy Ira, who led them into the city. Here they heard that the prisoner, who could be Kaiba, was taken to the Cave of Death. They could not go there due to a sandstorm and the townspeople informed them that they would have to have NIWATORI in order to cross this desert. By searching the city, they found the battle of competition with "NIWATORI" as a prize.

Yugi and Mokuba were watched by Joey Duel Madame Butterfly at the Coliseum. As soon as Joe found out that Madame Butterfly was Mai Valentine, Yugi and Mokuba ran to them and explained what happened to Kaiba. Offering help, Mai got her “Harpie Lady” to wrest the “NIWATORI” card from the owner of the Colosseum and four of them ran to desert. At the edge of the desert, Mai played a "NIWATORI" card, producing four large birds for them to ride on.

Once they crossed the desert, they reached the template in the Death Cave. Inside, they ended up in a maze and were chased by the Labyrinth Tank. The Yugis used the “Magic Hats” to hide them and transport them to another part of the maze, where they met Ira and Edin. Iru guided the group towards the exit, but he guarded the Guardian Gate. Yugi and Joe conjured up “The Black Dragon Skull” and equipped it with “Dragon Nails”, making him strong enough to defeat the Guardian Gate. Outside the maze, a rescue team arrived and took Yugi and his friends to that palace as a reward for Edina’s salvation. Yugi is in his hero’s outfit. In the palace, Yugi and his friends found out that Edina was the queen of the earth. (In the English version, she was a princess.) Edina informed them of the ritual where they should make sacrifices to the Mythical dragon. They will find out that Edina should be a victim of this kingdom and Kaiba should be another kingdom. Edina tells them about the legendary flying machine that can access the castle, where Kaiba and how she believed that Yugi and his friends predicted the heroes that the mythical dragon would destroy. Yugi, Joey, Mai and Mokuba agreed to help and gave the hero to wear costumes.

On one of the battlements, they were attacked by the monsters that were after the sacrifice. Yugi, Joey, and Mai tried unsuccessfully to fight them off. However, Mokuba, who previously places clothing with Edin, was abducted, not. Trying to find a way to save Mokuba, Yugi noticed a recent storm showing the contours of a flying car on the floor below them. Yugi Edina asked how long the legends associated with the aircraft took place. It is unlikely that the machine is still running and there is not enough time to dig it out, Yugi hinted to Joey that they needed to restore it to a state that was 1000 years ago, which caused Joey to use Master’s Time to take the car back 1000 years.

Yugi, Joey and May flew the airship to the castle. On the way, they were attacked by monsters whom they confront called their own monsters. Yugi was attacked during his "Dark Mage" was too far away to save him. However, Iru blocked the attack, sacrificing himself. Yugi then played "Light Detecting Swords" to block attacks. Angry over the death of the IRU, Yugi switched to Yami Yugi, who led the group to the castle.

Like Yami, he managed to regroup with the Kaiba brothers and defeat the Big Five “S“ Mythical Dragon ”in the final stage, calling the“ Dragon Lord Knight. ”Shortly after Edina thanked them and revived Mai, Joey, Mokuba and Ira, the group returned to the real world .

Dungeon Dice Monsters Edit Edit

Grandfather fears for his business, the game Kame, when a new game store, the Black Clown opened in the city of Domino. He ordered Yugi to stay away from the new store. Однако Юги и чай передал его на пути в школу позже. Юги получил листовку для новой игры Dungeon Dice Monsters , но чай оттащил его после того как он покраснел на даму раздавали листовки.

В школе, они встретили новый студент, герцог Девлин , владелец черного клоуна. Джои ревновал популярность герцога и вызвал его на игру Дуэль Монстров . Юги возражал условии, что Джо и герцог оба используют колод из пакетов они открываются на месте. Джой потерял телевизионном Дуэль и в соответствии его часть сделки была делать все, что сказал герцог. Юги стало отвращение после герцог вынужден Джои носить костюм собаки и ведут себя как собака, поэтому он переключился на Ями, который бросил вызов князя на дуэль. Герцог приняты, если они играют Dungeon Dice Monsters instead Дуэль Монстры и должны потерять Юги он должен отказаться от своего титула "Король игры" и сдавайтесь играть Дуэль Монстров . Герцог и Юги становятся друзьями.Незнакомый с правилами, Ями сошел на грубое начало.His chances will not improve as the duke showed that he designed Dungeon dice monsters with the help of Pegasus. "The Duke blamed Yugi for the disappearance of Pegasus" after the duelist of the Kingdom. Yami used his innate playing skills to swap roles for the duke. We managed to call the "Dark Mage", which Pegasus was added to the game, and used it to defeat the prince.

After the game, the friends of the duke, Yugi, and Yuji went to the duke's office. The duke lamented that his dream was defeated since no one would want to play Dungeon dice monsters now. However, Yugi assured him that it was a great game and his friends agreed. The Duke apologized for the way he treated them, and they agreed to be friends. ==== Battle City Edit ==== Yami Yugi spoke with Yugi. Yugi replaced the brown rope around the millennium puzzle with the chain that Yami Yugi praised and offered him advice on the impressive tea that awaited him. Embarrassed, Yugi asks what he meant. As Yugi left the room, his mother asked who he was speaking. Yugi replied that there was nobody, and dashed off, telling Yami to stop collecting on him, as he suggested, to help make tea like him. (Yugis talking about tea and the scene with Yuji's mother were removed from the English version). Yugi met with tea and went to school with her. (In the English version, they were going to a football match) Yugi told her about Yami Yugi, that he lives in the puzzle of the millennium, is worried about his fate and does not remember anything about his past

On the way to school, Yugi crashed into Bandit Keith, who was obsessed with Marik Ishtar and disguised as a fortuneteller. Falling into disguise, Yugi reluctantly allowed him to pursue the millennium puzzle in order to read his future. Kit knocked over the table to Yugi, tea, and escaped from the puzzle. Yugi and tea broke up to find him. In his quest, Yugi was followed by a series of arrows, although he knew that it was a trap, he felt that he had no other choice. Yugi is caught — with Keith, who had puzzles bolted to the wall. According to ancient rules, Marik had to win puzzles in a duel, so he challenged Yugi to a duel through Kit. Yugi was unable to switch to Yami during the duel and quickly realized that the gangster Keith was his opponent when he saw he used the car deck. Yugi stays inside the burning building so that with